Detail Information

Please ask us in detail.

Price (include bed and two meals)

Standard wide room with bath and toilet

19 sqm (There are 2 rooms)

price: bed and 2 meals 14,600 JPY /person -

Twin room.
This room has bath and toilet.
You can see the wide prospect from all guest room window.

(wheelchair accessible)
large room
with separated bath and toilet

24 sqm (There is 1 room)

price: bed and 2 meals 15,900 JPY /person -

Twin room.
This room has bath and toilet.
Bath and toilet are separated each and available for the person of the wheelchair.
You can see the wide prospects from all guest room window.
Please ask about extra bed.

  • There is a limit for consecutive stay. Maximum 2 nights stay is available.
  • We can not respond to individual requests about meals. (ex allergy, vegetarian)
    Because we are operating by very few staffs. 
  • Please ask us about detail.
  • We have no single room.

Charge for kids

primary school childmeal for
preschool child
bed for
preschool child
Through the year70% of adult price3,000JPY2,000JPY
  • The child rate is applied to a child from 6 years old to 11 years old.
  • 3-years-old or older child needs to order the meal for preschool child.
  • Please email us for more information.

Other information

  • Privilege for the guest reserve from POLARIS homepage.
    A souvenir of Hokkaido
    ! (one souvenir for one room)
  • No smoking in POLARIS please.
  • Check In 16:00-18:00
    Check Out - 10:00
    (It is important to us even a little time.)
    Please refrain from arrival before 16 o'clock.
    Also parking lot usage available from 16 o'clock.
  • Credit card:VISA, Master, American Express, JCB are available.

Cancellation fees

30 - 4 days before arrival20% of total amount
3 - 2 days before arrival50% of total amount
1 day before arrival80% of total amount
On the date of arrival100% of total amount
Without notification in advance100% of total amount

In Polaris, we set the duration of the cancellation fee considerably longer.

Almost guest of POLARIS comes to Hokkaido by airplane.
If you reserve airplane just before the trip, the ticket is expensive.
There is small possibility that someone make the new reservation after the cancellation.
Please understand that damage at the time of cancellation is greatly different between 1 room of big hotel and 1 room of 3 rooms of POLARIS.

You can cancel with only one click, but receiver of cancel information is human being.

I think...
In the early stages of travel planning, cancel for plan change are not a bad thing.

You have to cancel by accident, it will make you sad feeling.
Please inform your sad feeling to POLARIS.
In some case, we determined to be unnecessary cancellation fee, even in the period that require a fee.

Please enjoy your trip with communication between "humans".

Reserve information mail

If you make a reservation, we will send a mail like this.
For your reference.

Pension Polaris
52-30-3 Sattomonai-genya Teshikaga-town Kawakami-gun Hokkaido.