Nature around

We can see the wild animals and nature landscape at POLARIS.


Many kind of birds are seen in East-Hokkaido.
Let's go for a walk with binocular.

Marsh Tit
Eurasian Nuthatch
Great Tit
African stonechat
Great spotted woodpecker
Brown-eared bulbul
Oriental Greenfinch
Coal tit
Long-tailed tit
White wagtail
Red-crowned crane
White-tailed eagle
Whooper swan
Latham's snipe

Wild animals

Some animals lives near POLARIS.
In winter, we can notice animals by footprints on the snow.

Red fox
Red fox
Sika deer
Sika deer
Red squirrel
Small field mouse?
footprint of Mountain hare

View from POLARIS

One of the attractive features of POLARIS is the superb view from each guest rooms window.
The corn grow and some creatures appear in the field.
We can enjoy these through year around.