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Photos of East-Hokkaido

Beautiful scenery photos taken by PORARIS owner at east Hokkaido.

Scenery Photos

sea ice from top of the hill
Lake Mashu like a mirror
Onneto lake
Flower of the potato
Kaminoko pond
cosmos at 900 grassy plains
Lake Kussharo
Colored leaves in Kawayu Onsen
The Bihoro Pass where a cloud surges against
The Shirarutoro lake which glistens with a sunset
Evening landscape of the Lake Shirarutoro
The straight road
the drift ice
Deift ice in Shiretoko
Drift ice and sunset at Shiretoko
The drift ice in foggy sea at Monbetsu
In Lake Mashu outer rim of a volcanic crater
Lake Mashu in winter
A straight road near POLARIS
Lake Kussharo to project Mt. Mokoto on.
A mountain range to watch from Tokachi Plains
Tokachi Plains
Mt. Shari
Shiretoko Mountains
Lake Kussharo of a sea of clouds
Ground pink(moss phlox)
Tokachi Plains
A large field creates scenery
The Iso-Tsutsuji of the Mt. Iouzan.
The pool in a river
Milk Road
Flowers of the soba
Lake Mashu like a mirror
looked up at the Bihoro Pass
a straight road
Big rainbow
colored leaves
Sunset of Kushiro
straight road at Shari-town
Sunset at Utoro Shiretoko
Waterfall Furepe in Shiretoko
Port of Kushiro
Nosappu cape in winter
The hoarfrost in the cold morning
The hoarfrost
air of minus 15 degree
Mt. Oakan
Memanbetsu Hill of the Marchen
Lake Mashu
Ice cracks of the Lake Kussharo
Ice cracks of the Lake Kussharo
Translucent ice
Lake Nukabira in winter
Takimi bridge near Akan
The Mt. Oakan
The view from the Nissyo mountain pass
The hoarfrost
looked up the Bihoro Pass
Frozen lake Kussharo

Birds and Animals

Formation flight of the migratory bird
When it snows, a footprint shows existence.
he North fox
Swan of the Lake Kussharo
Steller's sea-eagle at lake Mashu
The great spotted woodpecker
The chipmunk of the Lake Mashu viewpoint.
North fox at Notsuke peninsula
Footprint of the North fox
white crane with a red crest
White crane with a red crest
White-tailed eagle
Swan of the Lake Kussharo
horse exercise


Old Taushubetsu bridge of the Lake Nukabira
steam locomotive
Sarubo viewpoint
Special train for viewing of drift ice
Mashu station in winter
Kushiro River Bridge
Straight Railroad
Steam Locomotive Winter Wetland
backed by Mt. Oakan
backed by Mt. Meakan
from special train for viewing of Kushiro wetland
Steam Locomotive
the frozen Lake Nukabira
Drawn by 2 locomotives
Pension Polaris
52-30-3 Sattomonai-genya Teshikaga-town Kawakami-gun Hokkaido.