Star and Sunrise Watching

Milky Way and POLARIS

The sky in Hokkaido is clean and dark. It is very good for star watching.
We can use binoculars and the telescope for observation.
We will make some description for the stars.

A fine weather possibility is high in autumn, winter and spring.
We can watch the beautiful Milky Way if it is fine weather and no moon in the sky.

If you have a camera, please try to take photo of stars.

We have tripod for lending.

Beautiful starlit sky
Beautiful sunrise

Sunrise in summer is too early to see.
Other season, we can see the beautiful sunrise from window of guest rooms.

Please become early bird to see the sunrise.
On the menu sheet of dinner, we write the time for sunrise everyday. Please check!

Astronomical gallery

center is the Polaris
through the window
Winter constellation
Ring of Saturn
Milky way
International space station
Photo with stars
Milky way and POLARIS
International space station
Photo with stars
Moonlight and snow light
Under the snow light
Polaris and POLARIS
full moon rise
full moon
no stars in Moonlit night
Sunrise and frozen tree
Shadow is beautiful
Sunrise and fog