Near POLARIS (Teshikaga-town)


The highlight of the Teshikaga-town area.

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Lake Mashu is a mysterious beautiful lake. It is famous for fog and world eminent transparency.
Information about Ura-Mashu observation point is here. > Information of Shiretoko Area

Top rank roadside station in Jalan review.
2011 renewal.

Here you will see a panoramic view of Teshikaga and the area directly underneath the grassland.

Lake Kussharo is a big lake of the sixth in Japan.
Please enjoy it from the following points, "Sunayu", "Kotan", "Wakoto peninsula", "Bihoro pass", "Mt. Mokoto view parking", "Highland Koshimizu", "Tsubetsu pass".

When you scoop out the sand at the beach of Lake Kussharo, you will find hot spring water.
We recommend for lunch in the restaurant here.

There is an outdoor bath full of nature. And there are the restaurant and a souvenir shop concerning Ainu.

There is a walk course and you can enjoy it naturally.

A superb view point of the POLARIS owner recommendation.

The parking lot which a view of the Lake Kussharo is good.

Tsubetsu pass is the highest view point of the mountain pass looking down at the Lake Kussharo.

It is the institution which can learn various things about nature.
You can enjoy the craft using the trees and plants free.

It is the mountain which mined sulfur once.
You can go to near the steam outlet.

A walk road to be able to taste the atmosphere of a desolate volcano.
The flowering of the isoazalea is from the middle of June to the beginning of July. Around June 20 is in full bloom.

The memorial museum which was built for the hometown of the great yokozuna "Taiho".

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