Shiretoko Area


The highlight of the Shiretoko(World Natural Heritage), Utoro and Rausu area.

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From the middle of May to the end are in full bloom.

Waterfall-climbing of the Oncorhynchus masou is seen for from June to August.

Lake Mashu to watch from the other side is a superb view.
About observation point of lake Mashu is in this page. Sightseeing information near POLARIS.

A pond with mysterious blue.
Our recommend spot. (You need snow shoes in winter.)

Toilet is not for wheelchair

The seaside wildflower garden.
The lily in July is beautiful.

The park with many lilies.
From the middle of July to the end of August are best season.

The hilly areas where a wild flower blooms.
It is summer recommendation.

This museum is good for study of world heritage of nature.
We recommend here when it is rainy.

It is the superb view where two waterfalls fall into parallel.

Here sending information of Shiretoko as the world natural heritage.

We can choose the big ship or small boat.
Small boat will be able to go near the bear but sway barbaric.

The nickname of this fall is "OTOME-NO-NAMIDA". Which means tear of young girl.
This waterfall changes to beautiful icefall in winter.

Enjoy the entrance of world heritage of nature.

The pass is located on route 334 from UTORO to RAUSU. Thepass is 738meters above sea level.

Here is a roadside station where contents are substantial.

You can see drift ice and eagle in winter, orca in spring, whale in summer.

Here is a view point for Rausu town and Kunashiri island.

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