Sea of Cloud

from Bihoro Pass 美幌峠より

You might be able to see the superb view of the "sea of ​​clouds".
The high incidence period of "sea of clouds" is from JUN to SEP.

As the sun rises and the temperature goes up, it will disappear, so please consider the drive before breakfast.

Tsubetsu Pass 津別峠 (from June to October)
(height 947m, MAPCODE:739 867 880)
     Live Camera
Bihoro Pass 美幌峠
(height 526m, MAPCODE:638 225 396)
     Live Camera(real  time)
     Live Camera(every 15 min)
     Live Camera(every 1 hour)
You can fix the destination by information of live camera.

from Tsubetsu Pass 津別峠から

Recommended procedure for drive
5:45 wake up!
   check the live camera
   fix the destination
6:00 leave for view point !
6:30 arrive at view point
7:00 leave for POLARIS.
   back to POLARIS
7:30 breakfast

Chance to appear the sea of cloud on Lake Mashu is low.
You are very lucky if you can see.

Lake Mashu viewpoint 1
height 550m
MAPCODE:613 781 398
  Live Camera

Lake Mashu 摩周湖にて

Traffic information

Please ask us in detail.


from Bihoro Pass 美幌峠より
with full moon
with sunrise
with sunrise