Nemuro Area


The highlight of the Betsukai and Nemuro area.

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The roadside station of better facilities. Cafeteria-type ROBATA-YAKI barbecue in restaurant is good for lunch.

The field of the blackberry lily iris. There are horses eating a weed. From the end of June to the beginning of July are in full bloom.

We can observe the waterfowl of the Bekanbeushi wetland.

Large wetlands in Hamanaka town. There are so many plants and animals.

Located in the next of Lake Furen. You can enjoy bird watching here.

Shunkunitai is a long and narrow sandbank which lies between the Sea of Okhotsk and Lake Furen. There is Shunkunitai Nature Center.

You must check the local foods of Nemuro.

wheelchair accessibility is depend on the shop

The easternmost railway station in Japan.

It is well know as the most eastern cape in Japan.

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