Akan Obihiro Area


The highlight of the lake Akan, Ashoro and Obihiro area.

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This is mountains road running in a national park. You may meet a wild animal on this way.

Nature information about lake Akan gathered to here. For example Marimo.

This course takes you around Lake Akan and to the scenic "Takiguchi" and "Marimo exhibition and observation center".

There are a lot of souvenirs of Ainu folk crafts.

The largest ski park around POLARIS.
You can enjoy powder snow.

A mysterious and beautiful lake. This lake has different coloro of beauty every season.

This is the roadside station built in the ruins of the railway station.

The prosperous town of the hot-air balloon. Balloon festival is held in August. Winter balloon meeting is held in February.
It is very beautiful that a balloon turns on at night.

The Lake Nukabira is famous at the bridge of an abolished railroad.

In winter, a village is built on Lake Shikaribetsu that froze.
The experience-based sightseeing is held in Lake Shikaribetsu nature center.

We can do the tour of the plant of a famous cake in Hokkaido.

Tokachi wine factory is the wine factory where a lunch is delicious.
You can observe the factory.

The Hokkaido Garden Path is a garden tour route 200 kilometers long.

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