Abashiri Kitami Area


The highlight of the Abashiri, Kitami and lake Saroma area.
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A superb view point of the POLARIS owner recommendation.

The roadside station where the scenery is beautiful.
A lunch is good.

"The prison food" is listed in the menu of the dining room.

The best of winter drift ice sightseeing

Toilet is not for wheelchair

It is healed by the stuffed toy of the animal of Hokkaido.
Toilet is not for wheelchair

Various festivals of Abashiri is held here.
We see Steller's sea-eagles well in winter.

There are a lot of very pretty chipmunks.
Open from May to October.

Toilet is not for wheelchair

The colored leaves of the coral grass are very beautiful.
The best season is from September to the beginning of October.

The Sea of Okhotsk looking down from a cliff is a superb view.
It is splendid at the season of the drift ice.

Toilet is not for wheelchair

This is a Ramsar Convention registration wetland.
Swans leave for the north in early May from here.
The waterfowl, wetland center was opened in 2012.

The hilly areas where a wild flower blooms.
It is summer recommendation.

The park with many lilies.
From the middle of July to the end of August are best season.

On a day opened in the night, we can watch a star by a big astronomical telescope.

The lake Saroma is the third biggest lake in Japan.
The sunset from the Cape Kimuaneppu is very beautiful.

Toilet is not for wheelchair

The observatory which looks down at the lake Saroma.

1,200,000 colorful tulips bloom from May to early June every year.

The view from the top of the rock is wonderful.

Experience the ice floes as two drills are employed.

We can study the history of the peppermint of the special product here.

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