Meals and Dessert

Dinner and Dessert

Dinner will start at 18:30.
Dinner of POLARIS is casual Western food using ingredients made in Hokkaido. We serve the dishes of the fresh one in turn. But, it is not the strict full-course dinner. Please enjoy it casually by how to eat to want to eat.

-example of the menu-
Homemade bread from Hokkaido wheat
Consomme Soup with onion
Cheese fondue
Roast of Venison

Cheese fondue

Dessert is a nice thing for a person liking sweets.
After supper, we prepare dessert a la carte.
Please keep your stomach space for dessert.
We can prepare more than 7-8 desserts including the pudding, gelatin cheesecake, banana cake, fruit and etc.

Menu will change by the stocking.
We are very sorry. We can not respond to individual requests about meals.
(ex allergy, vegetarian)
Because we are operating by very few staffs.


Breakfast will start at 7:30.
The breakfast of POLARIS is the homemade bread and etc.
And,Hokkaido-limited lactic acid bacterium drink, Hokkaido milk ....

Photos of meals

Grand Mer style chicken
Homemade bread
Homemade bread
banana cake
Pension Polaris
52-30-3 Sattomonai-genya Teshikaga-town Kawakami-gun Hokkaido.